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Love, Peace with great Film

What you believe? We believe that all experiences should be memorable, which is why we are on a mission to transform nights at the movies to cinematic events like no other. You bring your friends and loved ones, and we'll bring you city skylines, sunsets, starlit evenings, awesome soft drinks, delicious food, and great iconic movies on the big screen beside beach . Driven by our love of film, our sky movie theater promise a handpicked curation of cults, classics, and new releases. We stand for social cinema because we believe it’s the future. Join our movement.

We are the first beach side cineplex just beside beach . You can come with your love one , friends and family . You will enjoy great dolby sound beside sea beach , sea sound with great food .

Personal Headphones

We have made first Dolby sound with Headphone . Every one will get a headphone. This headphone have specially made for outside noice cancel . And this headphone will give you ultimate sound experience with giant 4k screen.

Beach style seat

Our deckchairs, with adjustable seat heights, pillows and plenty of leg room, allow you to lean back and relax under the night sky beside sea beach . We offer two kinds of deckchairs position - relax and sleeping . Which is perfect for night .

Great Movie

We only shows great and selected movie from all around the world.

Delicious food

Enjoy special offer and discount in our every food menu.

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